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Asterisk Developer

at Sean McMaster (Atlanta, GA) Part Time Monday, March 9th, 2009

Job Description:

Skills required:

University degree.

Understanding of VoIP.

2-4 years experience in opensource technologies pertaining to VoIP.

2-4 years experience in opensource *nix operating systems.

2-4 years experience in load balancing and high availability services.

Experience in creating realtime db presentations via XML-HTTP (Ajax)

Web development experience in PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, JS, Ajax, etc.

Database development experience MySQL, PGSQL, etc.

Integration experience with regard to popular CRM apps like vTiger, Sugar, etc for use with screen pops.

Good understanding of SIP proxies/switches like Kama’ilio, FreeSwitch, etc.

Good understanding of network protocols to work with VoIP (including troubleshooting)

Experience in developing for a high volume infrastructure.

This job would first be placing you on a two week “involvement” period, and then we can go to part-time, or consulting. Chances of full time are definitely possible. The job is with a very stable company that requires people with these skillsets for them to be able to grow.

How to apply:

You’ll need to have all certifications, references and demos of apps you’ve created or helped create.

Once you have the information together, please email Sean McMaster at sean.mcmaster at msn dot C0M