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Talented Asterisk Telco Engineer

at AMG Services (Kansas City KS) Full Time Monday, February 21st, 2011

Job Description:

Systems Engineer * Telco Engineer

Reports To: IT Assistant Manager

Status: Full Time, Exempt

Job Summary: The Telco Engineer performs all activities related to the security, support, operation and maintenance of the company*s phone systems and server infrastructure. The position is one that is responsible for the oversight of the organization*s phone systems. The Telco Engineer also serves as an escalation path for end-user phone support addressing those issues that cannot be addressed by Desktop Administration or the Telco Administrator.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Organizes and performs software installations, upgrades, patches and overall maintenance for operating system, application, database and other system software related to the phone system

* Provide support for implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance of phone systems to include day to day operations, monitoring and problem resolution for client issues

* Develop software installation and upgrade schedules

* Maintain phone system software, firmware, drivers and BIOS at vendor supported revisions

* Implement and enforce corporate standards in regard to the phone server environment

* Create and maintain programmatic and technical documentation to insure efficient planning and execution

* Manage and document phone system configurations

* Develop and complete actions in phone system specifications, technical and logistical requirements

* Provide identification, diagnosis and resolution of phone system and phone hardware problems

* Conduct capacity and performance analysis and planning on a regular basis to ensure all corporate phone needs are met and maintained

* Architects operational needs into technical solutions

Professional Qualities:

* Understands how to communicate difficult / sensitive information tactfully.

* Proactively seeks opportunities to serve in leadership roles.

* Manages the process of innovate change.

* Facilitates effective team interaction.

* Communicates effectively with internal clients to identify needs and evaluate alternative business solutions with company management.

* Understands expectations that were set with internal clients and recognizes when issues / events may affect delivery.

* Seeks and participates in development opportunities above and beyond training required by the company.

* Trains other department members through both formal and informal training programs.

* Suggests areas for improvement in internal processes along with possible solutions.

* Leads internal teams / task forces.

* Strong analytical abilities and professional office experience required.

* Ability to work under pressure and time constraints.

* Asterisk; 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8

Experience / Education:

Certifications: Digium dCap, A+, Linux+

Education: Bachelor*s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or similar. Or 7 years of related experience.

Systems: Windows, Linux

Vendors: Digum, Polycom, Linksys, Centos, Red Hat, Microsoft, Counter Path, Apache, AT&T, Sangoma, VMWare, HylaFAX

How to apply:

Please email