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Software Asterisk Senior Developer

at D&S Communications (USA, IL) Full Time Monday, December 5th, 2011

Job Description:

Job Roles:

#Project Management:

Candidate will be involved in organizing and prioritizing projects and tasks

#Software Development and Engineering:

Candidate must be able to write efficient, reliable and re-usable code. The candidate must also be able to design simple user interfaces for end-users.

#Package Management:

Candidate will be responsible for maintaining release packages using our package management system and repository.

#System Administration and Computer Operation:

Due to the nature of our product, the candidate will be required to have in-depth knowledge and experience with Linux operating systems, server hardware, networking and telephony.

Given this skill set the candidate will also be responsible for maintaining certain servers pertaining to the project, such as the package repository and its related web services.

Required Skills:

#Programming Languages:

Python, Javascript, PHP, C, HTML, Bash, SQL

#Programming Libraries and API’s:

JQuery, Django, SQLAlchemy

#Programming Concepts:

Object-Oriented Programming, Object Serialization (JSON, XML, Pickle), Shell Scripting, Text Processing (Regular Expression)


Subversion (SVN), Asterisk, FreePBX, Wiki (Mediawiki and Trac), Text Editor or IDE, Firebug, SSH (Putty or OpenSSH), WinSCP, Samba, Apache Web Server, SQL Databases (Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL)

How to apply:

Please send email with attached resumes to: